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2021 - Present

Creative Director

Royal Group

From the first day for me I started to make valuable contributions to the design team by presenting a wide range of capabilities combining innovative art and design principles. Moreover, after more than ten years of experience in management and creative design, I brought a new perspective to the company. In a short time, I delivered many projects through my management skills and worked with a number of clients by creating a creative campaign with focusing on small details and creating a creative campaign for graphic works and focus on small details and open mindedness to improve my designs by following the latest trends in the media to ensure that every project is unique.

2019 - 2020

Production Manager

DaVinci Media Agency

In the branding, what matters first is the way it looks because customers want to be impressed with the way their own brand looks and how beautiful it is among other brands and how loyal they feel to this brand, and here comes the role of DaVinci to reshape, enhance and prosper the business of our customers to reach their potential by giving your brand the look that perfectly matches the range.

2018 - 2019

Senior Graphic Designer


Specialized in social media, printing and advertising, by leading a team of 10 graphic designers, providing suggestions for the designs they work on, following up on customers, and presenting the most appropriate social media plans for companies to achieve more customers and to be  satisfied with the services we provide.



Faculty Of Medicine

2 years at Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


High School Degree

Excellent Degree (96.90%)

17th February School, Cairo, Egypt

& Expertise

  • Adobe Photoshop.

  • Adobe Illustrator.

  • Adobe Premiere.

  • Adobe After Effects.

  • 3D Max

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